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Most personal injury law firms will take a commercial truck accident case, but few have the experience necessary to effectively fight the high-dollar insurance companies. These truck accident insurance companies care about one thing – their money – and will not let a single penny leave their bank account unless they are forced to. The insurance company might offer you a small settlement so you’ll go away and not hire an attorney. Once you hire an attorney they will likely offer a larger settlement that most lawyers will take because it’s easy. You need a law firm that will fight for every penny you can get. Often times the right attorney can double or even triple the settlement amount originally offered by the trucking insurance company. It’s important to file a legal case immediately if you’ve been in an accident with an 18 wheeler or other large commercial vehicle.

Commercial Truck Accidents are Different

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Large vehicles such as dump trucks, 18 wheelers, and other commercial vehicles can cause much more damage when crashing into another vehicle, building or person. There are several causes of 18 wheeler wrecks such as they’re harder to maneuver and require special licenses to drive them. As such, the insurance requirements set by the government are much higher. Many standard vehicle insurance minimums are around $25,000 for injury, but larger vehicles like semi trucks are often required to have insurance minimums of a million dollars or more. This is simply because of the amount of devastation they can cause to property and their far greater possibility of ruining lives.

In order to protect their money, these insurance companies spare no expense in fighting your claim. This even includes lying and breaking the law to hide evidence in some cases. You need someone who will dig for all the facts and details to get you the most for your claim. The trucking company destroyed part (if not all) of your or a loved ones life and you deserve to be compensated for that loss.

18 Wheeler Accident Cases Work Differently From Other Vehicle Accident Law Suits

Getting compensation for any accident can be an uphill battle, but when dealing with commercial vehicle insurance companies, you simply can not win on your own. Their insurance adjusters are tasked with preserving hundreds of millions of dollars worth of insurance money and they are paid well to do it. We know their tactics and tricks and we have the experience and drive to fight for every penny you deserve. Call us toll free today at 1 -800-514-BEST or email a truck accident lawyer for a free consultation.

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Best, Watson and Gilbert did an amazing job with my three car accident, both of the drivers that hit my car had no insurance and Best, Watson and Gilbert were able to get me a favorable settlement and take care of the damages to the car they did a great job. I would recommend them to any of my friends.

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