Typical Causes of 18 Wheeler Wrecks

Typical Causes of 18 Wheeler Wrecks

Most people assume 18 wheeler and semi truck accidents are 100% driver fault, either from not paying attention, fatigue, etc. The truth is there are potentially several parties at fault when there’s an 18 wheeler accident. Of course driver fault is almost always one of the causes, but there is a lot that goes into the planning and logistics of an 18 wheeler’s load, route and timing. Often times a third-party made a mistake days or weeks before the semi truck ever hit the road.

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Driver fault:

Truck drives often work long shifts and become drowsy or even fall asleep at the wheel. They might take medication to help them stay awake that impairs their judgement. Even worse, they might turn to alcohol or illegal drugs deal with the stress of their job.

Trucking Company Fault:

In Texas, trucking companies can also be held responsible for the actions of their drivers and other employees. For example if a company knew their driver has a drinking problem or convicted of DUI or other driving-related offenses, the company could be at fault for employing such an individual.

Another way a trucking company could be at fault for your accident is if they do not keep their vehicles properly maintained they may have to pay for their driver’s mistake.

Manufacturer’s Fault:

If any component of a truck or trailer fails, the manufacturer could be at fault and be liable for your injuries and property damage. Large trucks and trailers are required to support several tons of cargo while driving at highway speeds (and faster). One weak component could cause a chain reaction that leads to the cargo falling off or making the vehicle uncontrollable.

Other Liable Parties:

There are many other people involved in most truck accidents. Often a third party is tasked with planning the route. They might not allow for hazardous terrain or weather conditions. The Loading company might not have placed the cargo in a safe position, causing the load to shift or fall unexpectedly. Other drivers could be at fault if they are driving recklessly.

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