Why file a legal case if you’ve been injured at the hands of an 18 wheeler or other large vehicle?

Injured in an 18-Wheeler Accident?

The bottom line is you can not fight a commercial vehicle insurance company alone. In fact, few trained attorneys can do it effectively.

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The trucking insurance company might make you a cash offer and try to get you to sign an agreement that bars them from any legal action. This is meant to do one thing: keep you away form their million dollar + insurance policies. A quick payment might seem like the best solution, but keep in mind you might have long term injuries due to the accident. Even if you feel fine, even if the ER let you go, even if you had a doctor check you out, there might be detrimental (and expensive) long term effects from your accident. the trucking insurance company must pay for all of your current and future medical bills.

In addition to broken bones, scars, loss of mobility, this ordeal possibly prevented you from making money at your job, put you through mental strain and stress, not to mention the physical pain and possible permanent, disfiguring scaring. the insurance company must compensate you for this! Unfortunately no amount of money can repair some damage, but that’s all they can do is pay you for your pain and suffering. We’ll make sure they pay as much as possible to make your pain as comfortable as possible!