Whiplash After a Car Accident?

Whiplash is a common injury that occurs when there is an accident. It often goes unnoticed because people rarely seek medical attention until they feel some back or neck pains. Therefore, knowing what to do when an accident occurs is very important. Knowing your legal rights will help you not to spend more money by paying medical bills. Therefore, when it occurs it is important to seek medical attention because prolonging the pain can lead to further complications. It is during the treatment when your doctor will do some physical and massage therapy. The treatment will depend on the injuries incurred.

Additionally, when an accident occurs it is important to know your legal rights after whiplash. It is essential to make a consultation with a Garland car accident lawyer because insurance companies will start an investigation on the accident claims. That is why you will need to get advice before the insurance companies present offers for you to decide. When you proceed without legal representation you might incur extra costs. There are some rights that you have after a whiplash.

Request for medical attention

When an accident occurs you should demand that you need to have medical attention. It is your right to see a doctor because some back pains might go unnoticed which might affect your health in the future. That is why the first thing that you will need to do is to seek medical attention. When the accident occurs to ensure you consistently emphasis that you are experiencing pain and you need medical services immediately. Any recommendation that the doctor will give you should be taken seriously.

Don’t apologize

When an accident occurs don’t try to appear apologetic. Don't even do it out of politeness because you don’t owe anyone apologies. It is your legal right not to apologize after the accident. Once you start apologizing chances are that you might take the blame because it is a sign of surrender and defeat. Though you might feel it is courteous to apologize don’t do so to save your legal space.

Remain silent until you speak to your lawyer

When such an incident occurs third parties will be all over trying to ask the details about the accident. Therefore, when that occurs you have the right to remain silent because no one will victimize you for not speaking up. Remember during such a time you might be tensed up and you are prone to making mistakes that might attract heavy charges Therefore, the first person you should engage is your lawyer. Additionally, when your insurance company contacts you don’t give any feedback. Refer them to your lawyer and he will handle the rest. All you need is to relax.

Don’t sign any documentation

When a car accident occurs you might be prompted to record a statement or sign some documents from the insurance company but that is against your legal right. Don't make any signing to any documentation without representation from your lawyer because it is your legal right. Besides, don’t accept any fast cash offered for your treatment because your lawyer should determine the amount that will lead you to full recovery.

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