Can a Passenger Sue After a Car Accident?

Have you been involved in an auto accident as a passenger? You might be wondering whether a passenger in car accident can sue the driver and how to get started. If you are suffering from severe injuries as a result of an auto accident, you can sue the driver. Get a free consultation with one of our Garland car accident attorneys

As a passenger, you have more rights than both drivers. No matter the driver that caused the accident, you should be compensated. If the driver driving the car you were in is at fault, you can sue him. If it is the other driver that was at fault, you can sue him too. If the two drivers were equally at fault, you can sue both of them.

As a passenger, you will never be at fault when it comes to car accidents. If you were conversing with the driver of the car you were in, and the driver turned away from the road to look at you, it isn't your fault. The driver decides to look at you. The driver should focus on the road while driving. You are entitled to recover the full amount of compensation and sue both drivers.

Some insurance companies have set compensation limits, which might make it impossible for you to get the full compensation amount. If the cost of your damages exceeds the limits of both insurance companies can pay, you should sue the drivers to cover the remaining amount not covered by the insurance.

It is true that as a passenger, you can't be at fault for an accident, but sometimes you might not get full compensation. The court and the insurance company may reduce or not compensate you at all if you assumed the risk. You should not enter into a car that is driven by a drunk driver. You will only receive full compensation if you didn't risk your life.

If you are a spouse to the driver or just a family member with him or her, you can't file a claim against the insurance company. In most states, insurance companies consider a married couple as one entity.
Car insurance policies don't allow family members to make a claim when an auto accident occurs to prevent fraud cases. Could it be possible for a husband to sue his wife after an accident, many couples would be agreeing to get into an accident because they want to collect some money from their insurance companies.

If the driver was your friend, deciding whether to sue him or her is a tough decision. All you need to know is that you're filing a claim against the insurance company and not your friend personally.
Working with a professional auto accident lawyer will make it easy for you during the entire process. A car accident lawyer in Richardson will give you advice and the way forward and also represent you in court. One of the main benefits of working with a lawyer is that he or she will do everything to make sure you receive full compensation. Your lawyer will also help you determine whose fault it was and gather evidence.

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