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Common Causes of Car Accidents

The mere image of two cars destroyed or damaged after an accident evokes numerous thoughts. Among the most common causes of car accidents, distraction is the foremost cause. How can we prevent this distraction? Here are some solutions to the most common causes of car accidents.

Nervousness and stress

No matter what the circumstances are, our emotions still play a dominant role in determining the preconditions for the common causes of car accidents to exists. Road rage, cramming negative thoughts, and rumination can lead us to underestimate the risks we face on the roads. Thus, it is essential to ease our mind and focus on our thought process every once in a while. Cut yourself some slack, and decide to face those problems in a more appropriate time.

Road surface conditions

Wet pavement can pose a safety hazard for most vehicles. When we think about causes of car accidents, uneven or frozen road surfaces usually go hand in hand with poor visibility due to fog banks. The car starts to behave differently, and the driver gets distracted. It is recommendable to do periodic maintenance on your vehicle to avoid that dangerous road surface conditions may pose a threat to your safety.

Not abiding by the rules of the road

Many drivers do not abide by speed limits or horizontal and vertical signs in general. Any limitation has a reason to exist. However, it is not always the drivers' fault. Some signs may get dirty over time or become less visible. As a preventive measure, any driver should report any damaged road signs to local authorities. Some road accidents are the consequence of a missing city collaboration.

Lack of controls by law enforcement officers

Some drivers loathe when officers slow the traffic down. Nonetheless, a lack of controls seems to influence the drivers' behavior negatively. Instead of being more cautious when cops do not show up or check the traffic, most drivers speed up and get reckless behind the wheel. Frequently, accidents involving motorcycles and motorcyclists are the first victims of this shortage. Constant availability has become a fundamental requirement for many precarious jobs, so we will not see this problem disappear anytime soon.

Alcohol and drugs

It is obvious to underestimate one's ability to drive if one does not consider the mental state of others. To drive properly, we all assume that we can count on others to behave appropriately. When a driver makes a mistake, it is very often the case that all the drivers behind him, or her, pay the consequences of that mistake. The same happens with alcohol and drugs. Even a lit cigarette while driving can distract the driver if the cigarette falls between his/her legs. Avoiding such distractions is as easy as saying no or now is not the time.

Auto accident frauds

Countless car accidents are no accidents at all. Not every fraud requires to stage car accidents with some conniving acquaintance. Some scammers want you to hit their vehicle or to hit yours in order to file an accident claim. You should treat any seemingly minor accident with utter equability. Protect yourself against any person who might try to exploit the staged scenario because you can never know until it is too late. Calling the cops after a car accident is always a good choice.

What to Do Next?

No matter the cause if you've been injured in an accident due to someone else's negligence or distracted driving it's important to find an auto accident lawyer in Plano or the nearby area to review your case. We can potentially get you cash for property damage, medical bills, lost wages and your pain and suffering. Call today for a free case review.


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