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Dallas Car Accidents

How Common are Car Accidents in Dallas?

Auto accidents in Dallas and surrounding areas are increasing as the city and suburbs are getting more and more residents (drivers). Even far off cities are bringing more and more drivers into and out of Dallas every day, especially during rush hour. Add to that several freeway intersections – the High 5, new construction on 635 and 35 that causes confusion even for common drivers in Dallas. It’s gotten so bad that the digital signs throughout Dallas often report the number of deaths due to car accidents in Dallas. We have about 7 million residents in the Dallas area, but what’s the percentage of those drivers causing accidents? On average there are more than 600,000 car accidents in Texas each year. Over the last ten years Dallas has averaged nearly 40,000 car crashes per year. That’s more than 100 per day!

What if you were in a car accident?
The short answer is: Get medical attention immediately, then get legal advice as soon as possible. Remember the car accident insurance companies have teams of lawyers designed to save money (even after their fees) so you can’t trust them to offer appropriate compensation. It’s a sad fact, but insurance companies are businesses and their goal is to make a profit. From a legal perspective they owe you whatever you are willing to fight for. If you don’t know the ins and out of the legal process in Dallas you’re likely to leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table and in their pockets. Call Best Watson & Gilbert, Dallas Car Accident Attorneys for a free consultation so you can fully understand your rights after a car wreck. You will never have to pay us for our services. We only get paid a small part of your financial recovery and only if we win your case.

What Causes Car Accidents?

The bottom line is negligence. Of course, road conditions can cause the safest driver to crash, but for the most part there is someone at fault. Fault can come from excessive speed, distraction such as testing or putting on makeup while driving, alcohol or drugs or simply not paying attention. More and more we are seeing cases of distracted drivers causing accidents. Unfortunately this is unavoidable, but we can at least recover compensation for your losses (financial, physical and mental).

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