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Free Consultation: An experienced Dallas car accident lawyer will review your case for free with no obligation to you. In addition you will never pay us out of your pocket. We take a small portion of your monetary award after we win your case and pay for your medical bills. In fact our clients receive more in their pocket than we do. It's important to work with an attorney who offers a free consultation because many who do charge simply want that fee and may not even take your case. Call us today to see how we can help get compensation for your injuries, time off of work, pain and suffering and other damages to property and yourself.

Dedicated Car Accident Lawyers in Dallas

The accident attorneys at Best, Watson & Gilbert are ready to help with your auto accident and injury claim in Dallas

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Leading the team to the best possible result for your injuries, James Best and his team of accident attorneys, paralegals and support staff will do whatever it takes to bring the responsible parties to justice and get your medical bills, lost wages and physical and emotional pain compensated. you deserve to be back to how you were before the accident and we won't stop fighting until we get a fair settlement to make that happen.

In addition to a free consultation and no fee unless we win your case, we work directly with insurance companies, their adjusters and attorneys. That means they know us and they know we will fight for every penny you deserve. More times than not we can settle your case out of court which means our fee is substantially less and put more money in your pocket. It's imperative that you find an aggressive, caring care accident lawyer in Dallas to handle your claim. Not one who will "rubber stamp" the first offer that comes in then move on to the next case. Unfortunately many car accident attorneys do just that and leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table.

Dallas Has A Lot of Drivers

Dallas is a large city and as such has more drivers living in and coming into and through the area on a daily basis. Highways 635, 30, 35, 20 and other pas through Dallas and, especially at rush hour have thousands of drivers who may not be paying attention, rushing to work or trying to get through the city headed elsewhere. This makes car accidents in Dallas more prevalent than in smaller cities and a much greater need for a Dallas car accident attorney.

Car Accident Injuries

Most car accidents involve minor injuries such as sore muscles or bruising form airbags. Many though leave victims with potentially life-altering injuries and lifelong pain from whiplash, back issues and in rare occasions lead to death of the person involved in the accident. It important to get the compensation you deserve and a free consultation so you're not losing more money in the deal.

Car Accident Insurance Companies

You may receive a settlement offer immediately after your accident. DO NOT ACCEPT IT. Insurance adjusters are tasked with saving their company as much money as possible. They do not get paid to care about people unfortunately. They are likely to offer you a very low cash settlement which may be enticing, but you will likely end up losing money after your bills are paid. An experienced Dallas car accident attorney will be able to get you far more and typically end up with cash in your pocket after all your medical bills are paid for.

Call for a No Obligation Car Accident Case Free Consultation

We do not charge you anything. The consultation is free and handling your case costs you nothing. You literally never pay us a dime. When we win your car accident case by trial or settlement with the insurance company we only get a portion of your winnings as compensation. If you do not win we don't get paid and you owe us nothing.

Absolutely professional!

Absolutely professional and caring. Hands down a firm that is for the client, not just for the win! Thank you for working hard for me, as well as, anticipating my needs before I knew I had them!

Delwin Robinson

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