How do I get a car accident police report?

Have you been involved in an auto accident? There are several things you need to do after the crash as you prepare to apply for a car insurance claim. Obtaining a police report filled out by the responding officer is one of the most important things.
If you have never been involved in an auto crash before, you should not leave the accident scene before a police officer arrives and makes a report. If you are not there by the time the officer arrives, there are higher chances that the other party will give wrong information to hide their mistakes.
An auto accident police report is official documentation of what happened. You'll need it when making an insurance claim and also when you want to file a lawsuit against the other driver. The court will consider the information in the police report document when making the judgment. The insurance company will use the police report in determining the extent of the damages and injuries associated with the accident.

It is worth getting a copy of the police report as it lets you find out the official version of the event. You should review the report and prepare to support your version of the event using it. You can also refute the officer's assessment if you believe the police report wrongly indicates that you were at fault.
Here is the process you should follow to get police report the responding officers documented when you were involved in a car accident.

1. Contact the police department
After compiling the report, the officers are likely to give you a business card containing their contact details. Use the contacts on the business card to reach the police department that responded to your accident. If you don't have a business card, you should go to the police station in person and ask for the police officer who responded to your accident.

2. Remind the officer who you are
When you're talking to the officer responsible for your auto accident report, you should tell him who you are and give some details about the accident to remind him. If you managed to call the police department, but the receptionist asks you to leave a message, you should give your name, contact details, and the reason why you're calling.

3. Call your local courthouse
If the police officer is unable to help you, you should ask to speak to the receptionist or call your local courthouse and speak with the clerk. You can either get your police report from your local courthouse or police station. You may be required to pay a certain fee to get the report, make sure to carry some cash with you.

4. Call your insurance company
If you are unable to get the police report from both the courthouse and police station, you should call your insurance company. You can also call the insurance company of the other driver to see if they have it. If any of the two has it, ask them to mail a copy to you. Getting the police report from an insurance company will not cost you any fee.

5. Contact Best Watson & Gilbert
Our Dallas car accident lawyers can evaluate your accident report and determine if negligence caused your accident. If so we can pursue the other party's insurance company to compensate you for property damage, lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering. The case review is free and you never pay us anything out of your pocket. We get a small percentage of any money we recover for you.

What police should do after compiling accident report?

To avoid all the above hassles of trying to get a police report, you should work with a skilled car accident lawyer in Garland. Working with a lawyer who has specialized with car accidents will increase your chances of winning the case at court and receiving full compensation from your insurer.

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