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How long do I have to File a Car Accident Claim?

what to do after an accident

Although it's something we fear, car accidents can happen at any moment, that's why they are called accidents, we simply can't control the situation when it occurs. However, we can control what happens after being involved in one. First is to check if you and the rest of the people involved are alright. Second is checking the state of your car, and then get ready to file for your insurance claim.

Many things can happen that make you not be able to file your insurance claim right away, such as being under 18 or not finding enough evidence. People often question if there is a time limit to file for a car accident insurance claim. Well, that depends on your insurance provider. Insurance providers each have different time limits, so it's good information you should keep in mind about your own insurance provider.

There is another important thing you should take into consideration, the statute of limitations. Statute of limitations is a law that determines or sets the time limit you have to initiate a legal procedure. This statute of limitations changes according to the state you live in. Generally, the statute of limitations gives a maximum of 2 years to file for a car accident insurance claim. Ideally, you should file your insurance claim as soon as possible, but if you took too long for any particular reason, there is still a chance to solve it, for that you will need a Dallas car accident lawyer.

Car accident attorneys are people that are trained to give you professional legal assistance. Car accident attorneys will help you to get compensation for the losses the car accident might have caused, such as car repairs and medical expenses. These attorneys will especially be of help when drunk-driving, speeding, and reckless driving were involved in the car accident. They will guide you to successfully obtain a compensation for any kind of loss you had.

That being said, after any type of car accident, you can get a free evaluation of your case by a car accident attorney, if you experience any significant loss or injury then it's time to contact an attorney to increase the chances of getting the maximum compensation. The problem is that people usually don't know this information, therefore, they don't know when it's time to contact a car accident attorney in Garland.

You should highly consider contacting an attorney when the car accident caused serious injuries and even death, to say an example. Other examples are when multiple parties were involved in the accident, when you can't live normally due to the injuries you sustained, and especially when some time has passed since the car accident occurred, these are just some examples.

Many of these situations involve a complex lawsuit or multiple lawsuits, you might even get a counterclaim. For that reason, car accident attorneys are the only and best way to get through the process as you will need professional and expert advice, you should never represent yourself, it will end badly.

As a summary, if you get involved in a car accident, you should try to file a car accident insurance claim as soon as you can. But if for any reason time passed, there is still hope. That hope is car accident lawyers serving Plano, they will offer professional legal advice for your case and will help you get the compensation you deserve.


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