Frequently Asked Questions

Legal Q&A

Why do I need a lawyer?

Every year, Americans pay billions of dollars in premiums to big insurance companies. Yet, in too many cases, when you are seriously injured, the big insurance companies don’t want to pay. Let’s face it: people at the insurance companies have a job to do. They would rather settle your claim for the smallest possible amount – or deny your claim altogether – than to pay top value as rightful compensation for your injuries. At Best, Watson & Gilbert, P.C., our job is to fight for your rights and not settle until you get the compensation you deserve.

How much will it cost to hire your firm?

You pay nothing out of pocket to hire us. Any expenses related to pursuing your claim are advanced by the firm. We collect no money until we resolve your claim. Our fee for representation is one-third of whatever amount we recover for you, plus expenses paid on the case.

What is the process once I retain your services?

Upon completion of your medical treatment, we will request copies of all medical records and bills from your treating doctors. When we have received all documentation relating to your claim, it will be forwarded to the insurance company with a demand for settlement. Unfortunately, insurance companies often refuse to settle claims in a prompt and fair manner. Should this happen with your case, we have a litigation staff prepared to file suit and take the case to trial if necessary.