Shannon Roper

I hired James Best to represent me after I was involved in a complicated accident. Despite the push back from the other driver’s insurance company, James was able to negotiate a very good settlement for me without my having to appear in court. The process was stress-free; working with his staff was easy.

My first point of contact was Sam. He was so helpful in answering my questions and responding to my calls. — they communicated clearly and timely with me. Best of all, the dispute was resolved in a matter of a few months, not more than a year as I had predicted.

I highly recommend this firm!

Katherine Stevenson

Best, Watson & Gilbert really helped me at a time I was helpless. They took control of the situation, the only thing I had to do was GET BETTER!! They handled all calls after I signed up with them.. WHAT A RELIEF!! No more insurance adjusters calling me.. Asking if I was okay.. The hit wasn’t that hard.. You shouldn’t need that many visits.. You shouldn’t need that much treatment. Who are THEY to decide what is best for my HEALTH and determine my MEDICAL NEEDS. Best, Watson & Gilbert made it possible for me to get ALL the medical treatment I required to get back to living life! They were there for my every question and concern. I would simply leave a message and wait for a return call. I didn’t have to worry about dodging the third party insurance calls anymore.. They stopped once I got representation! So I knew when my phone rang.. It was my attorney!

My car was repaired.. Rental was approved during repair time. Medical costs all paid. I EVEN GOT MONEY IN MY POCKET!


Amy Wang

The Best really treats you like the best! Everyone at the law firm was great after my accident They helped me with getting a rental car,dealing with the body shop
and best of all not having to talk to the adjuster about my injuries any more. The only hard thing i had to do was work on getting better. When i was better they got the insurance company to pay all my doctor bills .

They even got me a settlement for everything i had to deal with due to the accident. I want everyone to know how great your firm is !!

That’s my way of saying THANK YOU!!!!