Vehicle Injury Accident FAQ

How much do you charge for a car accident case?

We charge a percentage of your total monetary win which means if you don’t receive any compensation for your car accident injuries you owe us nothing. Typically car accident settlements are enough to pay medical bills, lost wages, attorney fees and leave cash in your pocket.

How much is my car accident case worth?

In short your car accident case value varies based on factors such as injuries, medical treatment needed, property damage and lost wages. The value of your case also depends on factors such as total amount of the liable party’s insurance value. In the state of Texas minimum liability insurance for injuries is $30,000 and many drivers opt to carry more to prevent getting sued for their personal assets. Once a case if files we can determine exactly how much your case is worth and how much insurance will cover.

How do 18 wheeler accident cases differ from car accident cases?

18 wheeler accident cases and car accident cases are very different. For one, 18 wheelers typically cause much more property damage and injuries are usually much more severe if not fatal. Secondly, 18 wheeler insurance policies are typically $1 million or more based on state requirements. This means there is more cash available to treat your injuries, reimburse you for lost wages and property damage as well as physical and mental pain and suffering.